Tuesday, May 11, 2010

me. you.they.us


 i'm not using blackberry for my phone.

         i'm not using any broadband for my internet connection.
         even have a car, i even can't drive it.
         that's just because i'm so comfy using my motorcycle.
         i'm not so that smart.
         and i'm sure i do never so good in mathematic.
         i'm such a lazy colleger.
         i even haven't any college handbook.
         for me, memorize it all, and let my subconscious mind work for me when it required, 
         would be more useful.
         i'm enjoyed my visual learning style, even i just look like too way much mumbled and talked in class.
         it's help me to pointed what should i learn and remember, and help me way to much than learning it from   
         my lecturer's powerpoints.
         i'm an egoistic, and such an annoyed oversleep heroic.
         i'm a master of my masked life, and no one should know it till i told them.
         and have i told you? i can be so annoyed, if you broke my concentration? i'm not a moody,
         i'm just the way to hard to concentration, and doing something to be right.
         i'm king of drama!, i even can't finish this section with just about 2 paragraph, i deserve more,
         even it makes me in trouble.
         and yeah, beware, maybe you're in my other section of drama, my other masked life, 
         and my bad, hurting camouflage.

You said you caring me, more than i know.
you're the one who realize me, that i not just an entertainer.
 You said, you still there for me.
you even always said miss me.
You said that you glad to having me.
you even say, that i the one who brighten you.
You said i'm an egoistic.
but you ever say, you like the way i treat you.
i even getting confused who are you .

we are a couple, they said.
we are, a superbs-multi talented-mumbled-people they said.
we are the one who make their life brighter.
we, the only one that know about your deepest secret.
and we, are the most caring, that's why  they always look for.
but don't you here something?
They said, that we are wrong.
we bounded by a norm.
that THEY say it's no good at all
They, said like they know what happened to us actually.
but THEY, even didn't know something as small as an ants, abut our problems.
look how i'm living in such of dramatic life!
starting to wrote down unimportant for THEY, but kinda release my pain, and maybe disillusionize YOU
or maybe You, still keeping our track, so there's always WE? at least in your life.
but, i'm sure i'm starting to keep WE in my life 
it's just another US
that, there's no YOU, no WE, and sure, THEY aren't too 
:' )

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