Sunday, April 17, 2011

check out!

dear people...

  as for i felt so bored with my old theme, and kinda thing that my url was not representing my self
so i've decided to change all off that stuff
im sure this will have an effect whether bad or good for you
as my blogger followers or maybe about my traffic visitors.
so guys i hope you by all humbleness (ngawur), be pleased to  re add or change the url that you already type for in  your blog before : )
sure, for a preventive, i'll write and give my new link at your chatbox or blogger comment as a notification of my changing, and i'll write back your link at different pages, in alphabethic, so it goin to be more catchy to read  :)

   anyway would you make sure to keep your eyes on my blog page?
cause i have another thing to transform from my blog post, kind of re-write my blog post, it quite like a story in literally, and short stories look a like. i hope you'll enjoy it, since i'll take an extra long time to wrte one page of my life.
  Oh yeah ppl, down here i'll give you a new link of my new Blog urls
make sure to keep on your eyes and your fingers in my page : )

Indiana Jivat Rosidi


ridu said...

pertamax! :D

ridu said...

blognya baru, layoutnya fresh! nice one.. terus kenapa harus anak ayam? :O

Indiana Jivat Rosidi said...

kalo anak kamu mau? #eh