Wednesday, May 11, 2011

everyday is live casting

am not into today
i used to go to talent search for hardrock broadcastar search 2011 at grand city
and i just attended it
without any preparation
you know for sure, it will be bad
life need a preparation
details preparation
and for me it's like a sugar in your morning tea, like a milk in your coffee, like a strawberry garnish in your cheese cake.
you know exactly what i mean rite?
i haven't slept for two straight day.
mm, maybe i was lept, but only cause my body need it, not because i want it.
am overslept last nite for a straight 3 hour, just 3 hour for payed the hell 2 days i've lost.
i can't even concentrate on my every assignment and my lecturer.
even i failed in my presentation, like this week just make a conspiracy to make my day bad rite?
have you felt it guys?
i done it know
life must be balance
yin and yang
black and white
salt and sugar
soap and shampoo
i ever rad it in some of book
forgot about the title.
and so does life, and how we assess the life
balance in every people judgement
positif point must be a negative that hide it .
vice versa
c'est la vie
and, maybe the only thing to do for know, just do that.
even that will be the hardest thing to do.
am okay with every critic, i dont even think about it
cause my life must go on
and amazing just the way iam.
a quite egoistic individualistic life i had rite?
 just by that i used to lick the bitter of life
cause reality bites
and when it bites you.
just feel the pain and enjoy :)

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