Sunday, May 8, 2011

hard to be good at all

sunday has come
to my room at least
but not at my heart
am not ready for the monday after it actually
i've been wake up by a moan from my granny, hello granny, we met again.
that told me if the regulator of the gas canister was broke
it hissed, or something, so me, as a man shud take an extraresponsibility, even yeah, a have no bath at all.
oh my gawd i hate my body!
"beliin pengaman regulator dong di toko depan"
"still 7 o'clock in the morning, do they even already open their shops?" mumbling it with my self
"sama beliin pecel ya, kamu beli juga deh"
then i gone to bought some this thingy
ahh, what a cheap
treated by pecel in the morning, but sure, it's heaven.
"siang ini kemana ndi?" my auntie
"mm, ngerjain tugas doang, since am not too interested to do some assignment last nite, this day will be full of this wrecked ass!"
"ayo anter tante ke supermarket"
my seesmic told some hottie wanted me and would like to catch by messenger
"there's a wifi connection there, you can use it" auntie
the YM show a conversation window
ahh i shud go then
say good bye to all.
got text from someone
"am horny"
then? wadtefak?
do there any SLUT word wrote down in my head?
so they can just tell me that am horny and all give them a best service that i can give?
ouh holy crap!
i didn't reply
you didn't even in my hometown
i mean, go get real people, you still have your hands on!
use them!
even my closest-special-to-be friend never asked me to do that things.
done for some of application software, asked to go to take a karaoke booth.
the we'll go
c'est la vie
1 song, 2 song, 3 song- it's getin better, 4 song -crap, i lost my voice, how come i present for tomorrow?
and 2 hour is enuff for today.
prepare for talent search at grand city at 11 may
i even have nothin to do
my friend told me to do monolouge, he gave me the text.
i cried
it's all about dad.
okay.. it's hard
texting wif my closest-special-to-be friend, ask for looking some food. aiyeeeh, am hungry
i just go home after take a karaoke time, i have laptop to safe first.
i regret it
"ndi, ambilin pesenan makanan di depan perumahan ya" another granny wills
"errr.. okay"
it's raining by the way
and i trapped by rain, after took the food, and my tailor fit shirts in real tailor.
where is a great sunday?
got a YM from not so okay friend
yeah, a-horny-sounds-message-like-usualy
do i sure have a big slut and ready to serve you word, wrote down on my forehead?

i didn't reply the YM
but the notification made me click it
close it after all
i can sleep, just for information, am have to take some shoot tomorrow
what a crap.

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