Sunday, May 15, 2011

perfect smile

i know am doing bad
am usually pranks some people about their teeth
include my brother, and cousins
it's fun you know.
since they haven't any first row teeth or simply they have a tooth cavity
karma never sleep baby.
i once ever heard about it
now my turn to felt like 
yes, i got my teeth broke
my teeth after a motor accident
and plus another scars because of motor accident.
what a bless!
so i've decided to go to dentist to repair my broke teeth
and after asking some question, i realized that reparation of some teeth could be more expensive than buying a pair of shoes!
it's about a million rupiahs for 2 !
yes i know it's too expensive!
neither i won't do this investment.
so yesterday, last nite actually
i gone to a new dentist that offered a cheaper price to repair my teeth
plus a month guarantee if failed.
i took it.
and here iam
another smile
and another grinn
but still, theres a deal with it.
i can't use my teeth properly, because it will broke again for sure.
from now on, when eating some food, i'll use my left/ rigt side of my teeth.
what a bless huh?

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