Monday, May 9, 2011

time flies

i got a call from unknown number this morning
4.30 sharps!
my producer calling.
aw crap!
am late
it's already 4.30, and i used to be there at 4
damn you my lovely bed
i never go to jtv without any shower before.
but yes it's true, experience is the greatest teacher
everyone have their first time
i do have it now.
am pacing my motorcycle in highest rate
it's about 125 or something km/hr
like your beauty cheek pushed around your face 
am not, and for sure wont do it again 
5 sharps!
i dropped at studio
what a marvelous way to start my day eh?
little make up
and voila
"selamat pagi pemirsa, apa kabar anda pagi ini? bersama saya indiana jivat, jatim isuk kembali hadir menemani anda mempersiapkan aktifitas hari ini, tentunya dengan sejumlah informasi menarik dari jawa timur"
and the smile goes on .
uh, what a superbs fake smile
i even haven't take any shower, and breakfast for sure
it's bad
i can't handle the way am craving for breakfast
so then i stopped by to bought some chicken porridge.
okay wasn't important thingy!
text from melvin :
||campus| 9 sharps | we're doing our assignment| deadline at 3.30 this afternoon||
damn you holy bloody assignment
i mean, yes i have a lot spare time to do this thingy, but yet am still get slothful to done it in one time
blame the assignment for any excuses that's why we enjoying our college study don't we?
and yeah am still need to get prepared to my university
gotta go to straightening my hair people
i love time flies, he flies nowhere and leave me heart attack cause of adrenaline rush in same time

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