Sunday, December 25, 2011

my workplace

hi everybaby!
been so busy, that i forgot to blogging some of stories
my bad.
i'm pretty sure there's no blogger integration apps for blackberry, which is sucks!
so let me know if there's any  : )

nah, let me tell you something for today's post :
i work at the biggest local television around east java, it names : JTV
proud to be a part of it, tho i'm just a freelancer news presenter.
yep. news presenter , NEWS ! OH MY GOD!
i mean it NEWS! 

i started at february this year, and it's been 11 month lot of a new experiences.

jatim awan at JTV started my career, it;s my 1st show in television.
kind of featured news tv show, so, i had to give my big smile everyday.

now, im working on JATIM isuk at JTV, their morning news program, that start at 5.00 wib in the morning.
its 5 o clock in the morning.
so i had to prepared my self  at 3oclock everyday :|

meet my make up artist : LINA 
breakfast for every morning : 6 segment! 

live start at 5.oo wib

with my beloved women presenter and mc : OLPIE 

aaaaay! it's been 11 month full of fun and a lot of new friends 
i love my broadcasting life!

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